Year 8 Engineering Club

A team of Year 8 students are currently taking part in the Sustainable Transport Challenge, sponsored by IET and IMechE and supported by Graphic Science (STEM). The students must design a vehicle that can sustain a team of people over a 1500mile journey over land and/or sea. The vehicle must be completely self-sufficient, meeting all the needs of the team during the journey, including food, fresh water, warmth, shelter and propulsion. They are being supported by Evan Hill, a Year 11 Design Technology Student, and an Engineering Ambassador from Raytheon Technologies who will visit the school to offer guidance and an insight into commercial engineering.

The team are currently in the process of establishing some initial design ideas and researching key areas, such as: sustainable energy, water filtration, propulsion systems and suitable materials. A key element of the challenge is to ensure minimum impact on the environment through both the vehicle design and effects of the journey itself. They will be required to attend a celebration event in April, being held at UWE in Bristol, to present their design and compete against other schools from the South West. The students involved are: Will Baldwin, Alex Watson, Mark Daniell, Archie Nassif and Seff Sharma.