Year 7 Drama Club

Year 7 Drama Club were excited to start their extra-curricular experience at Marling after a long winter lockdown. Students enjoyed taking part in drama games, character exercises, and working on scripted duologues from a range of well-known plays. Students enjoyed working with others and shaping their pieces for final performances that were filmed and watched back together. It was great to see students enjoying being creative again.

Mrs I’Anson

‘I loved Drama Club this term and I found it fun to take skills that I learnt in Drama lessons and develop them further in Drama Club’
Freddie Samuel 7B

‘Although we couldn’t perform to a live audience this year, performing duologues in front of our friends was great. I enjoyed doing Drama games too’.
Dylan Balkwill 7B

Drama Club has been brilliant and I always look forward to coming back the next week. I loved every minute.
Gethin Balkwill 7B

I like the creativity of Drama and being able to be whoever you want to be’
Arjun Jain-Brar 7G