Junk Kouture

In DT, Year 12 students have been working hard in their own time to create fantastic fashion pieces from recycled materials. We have two entries into Junk Kouture (visit to find out more) this year and they are the first ever entries into the competition from the school. The aim is to create unique fashion from purely recycled materials. Archie has created a dress from recycled umbrellas, even going as far as to create shoes from scrap wood, a necklace from scrap acrylic, a tiara from scrap umbrella rods and an umbrella accessory too. Archie has never studied textiles before and has learnt along the way, developing new skills and refining his tailoring and construction techniques. Hope and Biba have created a dress from old t-shirts, scrap metal, old bike chains and scrap netting alongside old cogs and computer parts. They have worked hard to portray the effects of an eating disorder through their piece and have used scrap materials found around the DT department creatively to develop a unique piece.

We wait to hear whether their designs have got through to the next round but whatever happens, the DT department would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and dedication alongside their amazing fashion pieces. We are proud to have such creative and dedicated students!