Greenpower Challenge 2022

The Year 12 Marling team have been working hard over the last term to ensure their vehicle is race ready for the first heat at Goodwood on 8 May. They have had a visit from Trevor Cook (Greenpower Ambassador for the South West Region) who was impressed with their progress so far and provided lots of useful advice to support the team. The team are also in regular contact with Matthew Burke from Williams Engineering who is providing advice on data collection and analysis during testing.

After some issues with the electronics the team have now wired up the motors and had a very successful test run on the Marling fields. Initial feedback from the students is positive with the vehicle handling well and reaching a decent top speed.

Attention now turns to adding the body work to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and refine the handling and reliability.

We wish the team good luck for the race on 8 May.